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Admission Policy

The school follows the below-mentioned policy for various categories for admission in the school:

  • Children of serving Army personnel (including DSC), children of Army Window and children of those TA personnel who have a minimum of 10 years embodied Service.
  • Children of Army Ex-servicemen, DSc pers Retd with Pension from DSC.
  • Children of serving or retired Air Force and Naval Personnel.
  • Children of Ex Army personnel who left Army with minimum 10 years of service but do not come in the category of Ex-servicemen.
  • Children of civilians paid out of Defense Estimates, Para Military Force including Coast Guard, MES,GREF,TA(when not embodied)
  • Grand children of serving or retired Army personnel.
  • Other Children
(b) The civilians are given admission on 10% per class basis provided this is not at the cost of Army children. Every year 10% Civilian children are given admission in class I and in senior classes (9th onwards depending on the number of existing vacancies per class.)
(c) The minimum age of admission to class I is 5 yrs as on 31st March.
(d) The children coming from the other schools are given admission after clearing the written admission exam.
(e) Students passing class X from the board other than CBSE should submit the original Migration certificate and TC at the time of admission.
(f) The children seeking admission for class II to Class VI are tested for English, Hindi and Math’s. Children seeking admission for Classes VII to XII are tested for English, Science and Math’s; XI class will be tested according to subject offered.
(g) Test will be conducted on every Monday at 9.00 A.M onwards starting wef. 01 April 2012
(h) The Syllabus for any entrance test is that of the class the child has already passed i.e. one standard lower than the one in which admission is being sought.

Note:- Children at S.No. (d), (e), (f), (g) will be considered civilians for the purpose of admission